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Steall Falls – A Glen Nevis Adventue

The spectacular waterfall known variously as An Steall Bàn, Steall Waterfall or Steall Falls is situated in Glen Nevis near Fort William, Highland, Scotland. It is Scotland’s second highest waterfall with a single drop of 120 metres (390 ft)!

One of the best short distance adventures in the Outdoor Capital of the UK, Lochaber, enjoy a walk to the falls taking in the beauty of Nevis Gorge long the way!

Start from the car park at Glen Nevis road end, seven miles southeast of Fort William. Here the Allt Coire Eoghainn cascades some 350m down the steep southern slopes of Ben Nevis.

Follow the path east into woodland, all the time climbing gradually above the amazing Steall Gorge. In due course a rockier section of path crosses a burn from where the scenic splendour continues. It narrows to run above steep slopes crossing several more streams that tumble down the hillside into the gorge below. It is a dramatic and awe-inspiring section of the route, but take care when it is wet or icy.

Cross a bridge and continue, with the path then emerging into beautiful Steall Meadows. After the confines of the wooded gorge this open space is even more unexpected. Ahead is the spectacular An Steall.  The outward-bound route can either end here or you can try and negotiate the infamous wire bridge or continue on to reach the Ruin, which dates from the 1700s and was used by shepherds as recently as the 1940s.



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